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Join the Legacy Society

Many of the gifts we receive come in the form of end-of-life bequests, small and large, from caring donors like you, who wish to create a legacy in their community. In creating an end-of-life gift, you have chosen to support your community and the causes you care deeply about long after your lifetime.

Your community foundation strives to make our community a better place in which to live and we take seriously our commitment to you the good stewardship of these gifts, forever. We invite you to join the many others, like you, who care so deeply about our community.


Ways to Join

You can create a legacy that supports one or more of your favorite causes through your community foundation… in your will; designating your community foundation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy; with a qualified retirement plan; establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust; establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity; Your legacy gift can be added to one more of the existing funds in your community foundation or can be used to establish a new fund to provide support for one or more charities.


Legacy Society Members

Anonymous 1 Philip & Jeannette Lux
Anonymous 2 Joseph* & Penny Manfredi
Anonymous 3 Frank & Marsha Martin
Charles & Dorothy Ainlay* Rex & Alice Martin
Richard & Linda Armstrong Robert W. & Gail T. Martin
Harold “Doc” & Jane Atkins William Martin*
Paris & Becky Ball-Miller Irma Mast
Glenn & Joan* Banks Woody Mast
John & Nancy Banks Kathleen McCoy Royer
Al & Rebecca Benham James* & Ann McNamee
James & Joan Bock S. Ray* & Linda Miller
Bertha Bontrager Rhodes Ruth Miller
Wilbur & Sarah Bontrager G. Lynn & Linda Morris
Dorothy Borger Dan & Jan Morrison
Thomas & Elizabeth Borger Don & Jane Mossey*
Jean Borneman William & Patricia Myers*
Brian & Jeannelle Brady Thomas* & Mary Naquin
Terrence & Kathy Brennan Thad & Rachelle Naquin
James & Patricia Brotherson Jim & Joyce Nelson
Bunky Brown* Michael Nicolini
George & Martha Buckingham Myrl & Phyllis Nofziger
Wilbert & Alice Budd* Shannon Oakes
Justine Sparks Budd* Virginia J. Pardee*
Robert Burger Jeffrey & Diana Peat
B. Jane Burns William O. & Loretha Phillips*
Brantly & Katie Chappell Michael & Judith Pianowski
Betty Chatten Frank & Barb Piaskowy
Jack & Karen Cittadine James & Sharon Piechorowski
Brian & Diana Clark Mac Pierce & Lori Schiltz
Todd & Missy Cleveland Donald Pletcher
Tom & Dot Corson Kenneth & Jean Pletcher
Betty Cox Richard & Susan Pletcher
Richard W. & Mary Davis, Jr. Thomas & Dana Pletcher
Betty Jean Deahl McKeever Doug & Mary Putnam
June Deal* Clayton & Carol* Quimbach
Arthur and Patricia* Decio Martha Reith*
Elizabeth De Fries* Larry & Elizabeth Renbarger
Robert & Mary Pat Deputy Florence Richardson*
Thomas* & Lois Dusthimer Robert E. & Sandy Richardson
Kay Ann Eller Martha Ann Rieth VanDyke
Sharlene Eller Preston* Lucille Risser*
Jane Eslick Kelly & Karen Rose
Ned and Agda Farber* Marly & Laura Rydson
Frederick & Dorothy Feick Janet Elaine Ryman
John & Lois Fidler Vernon & Doris Sailor*
Lewis & Elizabeth Fidler* George & Terri Schmidt, II
Ivan Fisher* William & Lorette Schmuhl, Jr.
Andrew & Kathy Frech Barbara Schricker*
Daniel Fulmer Oscar W. & Marilyn Schricker
L. Craig & Constance Fulmer Nancy Schricker
Bill & Sue Garvey Susan A. Schricker
Robert & Stevie Giel Harold* & Donna Schrock
Sharon Ann Gongwer Janet Rae Scribner
William Goodsene Charles Seevers*
Christiana Graham* Paul Shannon
Ralph * & Opal E. Gunden Daniel & Josephine Sherman*
Guy David Gundlach* Stuart W. & Shirley H. Showalter
Marjorie Swift Gundlach James & LaRayne Siegmann
Terry A. Hoogenboom William* & Bernice Simms
Floyd & Esther Hoover Brian & Lauri Smith
Mary E. Hoover David V. & Nancy Smith, Jr.
Shirley Hoover Harold* & Patricia Smith
Eugene W. & Barbara* Hungate F. Richard & Josephine Snyder
Thomas & Vera Irions Christopher and Jodi Spataro
Randall & Rachel Miller Jacobs William D. Stimpson*
Rick & Sandy Jenkins Tim & Christy Stonger
William P. & Toni Johnson Dick & Kay Stout
Stephen Kash W. Earl & Linda Taylor
Carolyn J. Keefe Richard M. & Anne K. Treckelo
Thomas and Suzanne Keene Gerald A. & Barbara J. Trolz
Robert J. & Kristy King Nura K. Turner
Don L. & Jurate Krabill John & Carole Ulmer
Michael L. & Rebecca Kubacki Adrian* & Treva Vaksvik
Mark & Karen Kurtz Richard & Bellodene Van Der Karr*
James A. Leaverton Michael & Meredith Vickrey
John & Jane Leavitt Mary Elizabeth Walker*
Merritt & Dierra Lehman Thomas & Patricia Warrick
Robert & Carolyn LeMaster David* & Dottie Webster
Walter & Jane Lerner* M. Scott & Kimberlee Welch
Tom & Marianne Lilly Jeff & Phid Wells
Ralph* and Rita Lockerbie John & Carolyn Wolf
Allan & Karon Ludwig Chris Wolfe
Mervin & Dorothy Lung Al & Marie Yoder